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Izzy True


Formed in early 2015 in the rural upstate village of Trumansburg, NY, Izzy True is Isabel Reidy (they/them pronouns) with dear friends Angela DeVivo and Jon Samuels, and brother Silas Reidy.

Growing up, Isabel and Silas were surrounded by music. Their father has been active in the east coast old time scene since the 80's, and they spent their childhood summers traveling to music festivals. Isabel began playing music in high school with a folk punk band called Fight A Scary Dog. Nurtured by the small, eclectic DIY scene in nearby Ithaca, NY, they were able to tour and record as a teenager. Traveling with an older, seasoned punk, the band played squats, DIY spaces, and the Earth First round river rendezvous the summer they graduated high school; these experiences cemented a connection between music, community, and politics for Isabel.

Isabel teamed up with their brother when the two of them dropped out of college and moved back home in 2012; their collaborations began with a country band called The Realbads, which eventually devolved into straight up rock n roll in Izzy True. Izzy True’s first EP, Troll, was released on Don Giovanni Records in summer 2015.

In addition to writing music, Isabel makes and self-publishes weird comics. Their music and art exist in the same universe and often revolve around the same characters. Both deal with existential longing and confused, uncomfortable feelings about sex and gender.