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THE LONDON EXPERIMENTAL ENSEMBLE w/ Richard Thompson, Wesley Stace, Sivert Høyem, Marissa Nadler and Gina Fergione
Posted on July 7th, 2023

We are thrilled to announced the release of Child Ballads: The Final Six, a new album from The London Experimental Ensemble with Richard Thompson, Wesley Stace, Sivert Hoyem, Marissa Nadler and Gina Fergione.

The Child Ballads are 305 three to five hundred year old songs (originally broadsides) of the British Isles which have become synonymous with modern folk music since the 1950’s. However, the final six ballads (#’s 299-305) were never put to music. Until now.

The 2xLP is available now


Assembled here are Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention, Richard and Linda, et al), Sivert Høyem (multi-platinum Norwegian music giant), John Wesley Harding (British folk icon and novelist), Ed Pettersen (Award-winning singer-songwriter and producer), mezzo-soprano Gina Fergione and Marissa Nadler (Indie-rock high-priestess) weaving beguiling original melodies to these classic tales of love lost, magic, myth, fiefdoms and turf wars back by the London Experimental Ensemble live in the studio.

Child Ballads: The Final Six Track List:

1. Child Ballad 300 (Blanchflour and Jellyflorice) (14:03)
2. Child Ballad 301 (The Queen of Scotland) (07:55)
3. Child Ballad 302 (Young Bearwell) (06:24)
4. Child Ballad 303 (The Holy Nunnery) (12:38)
5. Child Ballad 304 (Young Ronald) (15:57)
6. Child Ballad 305 (The Outlaw Murray) (15:00)

The 2xLP is available now


MAURA WEAVER Announces New Album "I Was Due For A Heartbreak" Out 9/15
Posted on June 15th, 2023

Photo by Alexzandra Roy

Don Giovanni Records has announced that Cincinnati, Ohio's MAURA WEAVER will release their debut album I Was Due For A Heartbreak on September 15, 2023. The album was recorded by John Hoffman (Wussy, Vacation, Big Eyes).

Despite being a tried and true native, Cincinnati has had a difficult time claiming Maura Weaver as their own. Nearly fifteen years of touring with peripheral regional projects (Mixtapes, Ogikubo Station, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Direct Hit!, The Mimes) has kept her tethered to both the road and to sounds that were not always her own.

Today, Maura released the album's first single with a must see music video for "Crush On You, Pt. II"

The track is available now across all streaming platforms and Bandcamp now.

I Was Due For A Heartbreak is available for pre-order on limited edition light blue vinyl now HERE.

The solo endeavor marks the beginning of an autonomous output for her vision, harkening to sounds that are distinct to Ohioʼs brand of humble experimentation, roots aesthetics and pop-centric reliability.

The first single "Crush On You, Pt. II" - streaming everywhere now - is a melodic pop gem that will demand several subsequent re-listens.

Maura Explains:

I’ve wanted to do a solo project since I was a teenager, so why is it happening now? For so long I’ve stood in my own way and kept busy being in a ton of bands. I had trouble trusting myself and rarely completed songs. It wasn’t until pandemic isolation that I was forced to confront the reasons why. I also experienced a couple of bad breakups and songwriting became a haven, but also a fun daily practice. I wrote as much as possible in two years and in the soup were sad songs, silly songs, dumb songs. So much came together on the spot in the studio. The best songs ended up on the album and I really put all of myself into this. I’ve never been more excited to share something.

Crush On You Pt. II is a fun one and is the first single. It started out as a little power pop ditty fleshed out by a $17 Casio keyboard I bought at a flea market. For the studio version, we retained a lot of the same elements we used in the demo. I wanted it to sound hi-fi but homemade, wonky and imperfect. We recorded it in the basement of John’s old house. It needed to have the bliss and fuzz that is the nature of a crush!

We filmed the video back in January of 2022 at the Lodge in Dayton, KY. Scott Beseler killed it with directing and shooting even though we were very distracting. Rachel McNeal provided the coolest chainmail pieces. Thanks to Emma Roberts for being a killer queen, John Clooney a priest, Megan Schroer a witch and John Hoffman a peasant. Zack Moser took my initial edit and added sick effects, coloring, and ran it past the finish line. So proud of what we did :)

I Was Due For A Heartbreak Track List:

1. Ease On The Eyes
2. Crush On You Pt. II
3. As If Your Love
4. Sunshine
5. Languish In Anguish
6. Jefferson Highway
7. Nothing, Not Yet
8. Goner
9. I Was Due For A Heartbreak, I Guess
10. The Confines

Pre-Order I Was Due For A Heartbreak

LONGINGS (Ex. Orchid, California X) Announce New Album "Dreams In Red" Out 7/7
Posted on June 5th, 2023

"[Longings] have found their considerable power at the blackened cross-section of cold post-punk lurch and direct, brutal rhythms." - Pitchfork

Western Mass trio LONGINGS will release their new album Dreams In Red on July 7, 2023. The album was recorded by band member Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

From the woods of Western Massachusetts, Longings are a powerhouse trio featuring Cole Lanier (California X, Rogue Trooper), Meghan Minior (Siamese Twins, Ampere), and Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Vaccine). Self-Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Dead Air Studios.

Today, Longings released the album's first single "Expensive Graves"

Dreams In Red is available for pre-order now HERE.

Longings second full-length album, Dreams In Red, reveals a broad post-punk vision of haunting atmospheres and driving melodies. Eight new songs with a sense of urgency, range from the abrasive to the abstract.

The first single "Expensive Graves" - streaming everywhere now - is a breakneck tight two minute melodic pop gem that will demand several subsequent re-listens.

Of Expensive Graves the band says: “When our lives are in chaos, what becomes of our dreams? Even our means of escape have become a hostile environment. While we may distract ourselves from the path ahead, the end remains certain.”

Dreams In Red Track List:

1. Expensive Graves
2. Can't Look Back
3. In Fog
4. The Game
5. Manipulation In Recognition
6. Motionless
7. Disillusion
8. Forwards Blind

Pre-Order Dreams In Red
Stream "Expensive Graves"

Sug Daniels "When I'm Gone" OUT NOW!
Posted on March 3rd, 2023

Really excited to announce a brand new single from SUG DANIELS out now called "When I'm Gone" Sug Daniels is a Delaware born, Philadelphia based, singer-songwriter and producer who is using the tools around her to capture the emotions of an era. Daniels’ work is as colorful, vulnerable, and charismatic as her personality. She thoughtfully combines elements of folk, R&B, and soul alternatives to create personal and tender music interlaced with messages of truth and positive change.

When I'm Gone is streaming everywhere NOW.

With fun flirty lyrics about yearning and burning for an unrequited love, ‘When I’m Gone’ is a catchy, cheeky, soulful track featuring sweet ukulele. A bossa nova beat provided by a Univox SR-55 drum machine straight out of the 70’s, a heart pounding synthy solo on a Prophet Synthesizer, and the playful yet passionate singing of Sug Daniels will have anyone ready to shoot their shot.

Catch Sug Daniels on tour including appearances at SXSW.

March 5 Philadelphia, PA; Ortlieb’s with Paisley Fields and Sean Barna
March 10 York, PA; Kable House Productions opening for Lizzie No.
March 16 Spicewood, TX; Luck Reunion w/ Black Opry Revue
March 16 Austin, TX; The 13th Floor Don Giovanni Showcase SXSW
April 21 Wilmington, DE; The Queen opening for Marielle Kraft

Listen To When I'm Gone
Sug Daniels on Instagram
Sug Daniels on Bandcamp

Rodeo Boys - Home Movies out June 16th!
Posted on February 21st, 2023

Lansing, Michigan's Rodeo Boys will release their new album on Don Giovanni on June 16th. Lead single "Sugar" out now everywhere.

“sticky, snarly hooks and big riffs”Stereogum

"Their rural roots combine Southern twang and 90s grunge in a truly lonesome and ornery fashion. Pushing the boundaries of both genres with a punk spin utilizing catchy hooks and stand out guitar solos"Punk Rock Theory

Pre-Order / Pre-Save Home Movies

We are thrilled to announce that queer rock 'n roll band RODEO BOYS will release their new album and Don Giovanni Records debut Home Movies on June 16, 2023. Rodeo Boys' rural roots combine Southern twang and 90s grunge in true lonesome and ornery fashion.

Today, Rodeo Boys has released the album's lead single along with a must see music video for "Sugar" The track is available now across all streaming platforms and Bandcamp now, and the video can be seen HERE.

Home Movies is available to pre-order and pre-save HERE.

On their Don Giovanni debut Home Movies, Rodeo Boys are upping the ante. Their music owes as much to the twang of country as it does to the fuzz of grunge, and it’s a winning combination. Lead single “Sugar” sits somewhere between Bully and SPICE, a gritty slice of feedback-drenched rock ‘n’ roll that immediately makes it clear where Rodeo Boys’ passions lie–in loud, crunchy, catchy alt rock. “Dog Leg” plays out like a supersized take on classic rock, all roaring solos and guttural hooks, and epic closer “Tomboy Radio” is a proggy masterclass in dynamics. Home Movies hardly lets up all through its 40 minutes, the space folk of “Hail Mary” allowing a couple minutes to breathe, but it all seems to zip by. Vocalist Tiff Hannay says Rodeo Boys’ goal as a queer blue-collar band is “to give a voice to young queer people in small towns,” and what a powerful voice it is.

Catch Rodeo Boys on tour including appearances at SXSW.


3/11 Iowa city, IA (Gabe’s)
3/12 Omaha, NE (The Sydney)
3/13 Lawrence, KS (Replay)
3/14 Topeka, KS (Boobie Trap)
3/16 SXSW - Don Giovanni Records Showcase
3/17 SXSW
3/19 Atlanta, GA (The Masquerade)
3/22 Nashville (TBD)
3/3 Louisville, KY (Portal at fifteen twelve)
3/24 Newport, KY (The SouthGate House Revival)
3/25 Cleveland, OH (The Little Rose Tavern)

Pre-Order / Pre-Save Home Movies

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