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Moor Jewelry - True Opera out now!!
Posted on April 20th, 2020

Out today, True Opera is a full-length collaboration between producers Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry.

Moor Jewelry’s 2017 EP Crime Waves was a work focused largely on electronic instruments and computer-based composition.

On True Opera, the duo took a different approach -- exploring the visceral, physical punk music that the duo grew up listening to.

The tracks were improvised in the recording studio during two sessions. Mental Jewelry played drums and bass. Moor Mother performed guitar and vocals. Later, they were joined by drummer Philip Price (Kayo Dot).

“We grew up going to punk shows and playing in punk bands,” explains Steve Montenegro (Mental Jewelry). “We missed the energy of playing instruments live together. On a computer everything is accounted for. This has all of the imperfections and flubs -- it’s more of a direct conduit.”

“I think -- at least for me, for people my age -- there was a shift away from punk rock. At a certain point, you started getting into other music,” he says. “Now I’m like, ‘Crass was right about everything’.”

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Paisley Fields - Electric Park Ballroom out June 5th!
Posted on April 15th, 2020

Out June 5th, Electric Park Ballroom is the second full-length and Don Giovanni Records debut by Paisley Fields.

Active since 2013, Fields is a singer, songwriter, and bandleader splitting time between Brooklyn, New York and Nashville, Tennessee. He writes country music. His songs are tender and authentic, but also pretty quick with a joke. They’re mindful of tradition, but deeply informed by his singular background.

Raised in the Midwest, Fields spent his teenage years playing piano at church, detasseling corn, and pulling shifts at Dollar Tree. He ultimately skipped town to become a world traveler, a proficient taiko drummer, and a Manhattan piano bar survivor who has co-written songs for RuPaul’s Drag Race stars (“Purse First” and “Feeling is Mutual”). Fields is a touring member of the pioneering queer country outfit Lavender Country and can also read your tarot.

The stories on Electric Park Ballroom are his, but the feelings they convey -- love, loneliness, lust, and so on -- are, hopefully, still universal.


Roadside Graves - That's Why We're Running Away out May 22nd!
Posted on April 9th, 2020

Roadside Graves have carved out a small and strange piece of musical territory over the course of their nearly twenty years together. Their sound emerges as much from their longstanding friendships and personality quirks as it does from their eclectic musical influences.

Out May 22 on Don Giovanni Records, That's Why We're Running Away was engineered and mixed in Brooklyn, NY by Robert Lombardo and mastered at Strange Weather by Daniel Schlett.

On this new record, the group has created a cycle of songs about acceptance – the struggle to accept defeat and loss, and whether to give up peacefully. It's about finding comfort in seeing the reality of a situation and reckoning honestly with your own part in it. If the question is acceptance, one answer then is to run away – not alone, but together. This a record about living in the tiny space between "I want to leave" and "I want to believe."

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Bad Moves announce new LP "Untenable" out 5/29 on Don Giovanni Records
Posted on April 7th, 2020

Out May 29th (digital) and June 12th (physical) on Don Giovanni Records, Untenable is the sophomore full-length by Washington, D.C.’s Bad Moves.


It’s a record fired in the anxiety and exhaustion of our historical moment: 12 very personal and political songs about surviving in a perpetual state of crisis.

Recorded late last year at Philadelphia's Headroom Studios with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along), Untenable nudges Bad Moves’ sound to suit a slightly darker outlook. The drums charge along with intensity and bite. The guitars favor lockstep call-and-response riffs. A bit of noise, dissonance, and snarl has crept into the periphery. Those spikier sounds frame lyrics about the numerous places that instability erodes our lives — tipped wages, service industry jobs, our self image as groomed for public consumption via social media.

The title, Untenable, is a nod to the overwhelming feeling of unsustainability that permeates life right now, whether at work, at home, or on the planet. There’s a melodic sweetness there, too, though. And a fair bit of hope. Uncertain times are also an opportunity for change.

Bad Moves is Emma Cleveland, David Combs, Katie Park and Daoud Tyler-Ameen. Formed in 2015, the band has performed throughout the U.S. and U.K., held its own alongside Jeff Rosenstock and The Hold Steady, and even been animated into an episode of Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek. Once we can all stand in a room together again, they intend to tour.



Going The Distance - An Online Music Fest!
Posted on March 20th, 2020

On Monday, Don Giovanni Records will host Going The Distance, an all day online festival that will be streamed live via our Instagram account.

Broadcasting from the comfort of their homes, 20 artists from across our roster will perform music, comedy, and who knows what else for YOU, who -- we hope -- will be listening from the comfort of your own home. The whole gang is going to be there: Downtown Boys, Noun, Worriers, Bad Moves, DJ Haram, Mikey Erg, Teenage Halloween, Lee Bains, Jeffrey Lewis, Hprizm, Fat Tony, Dusk,and many, many more.

Going the Distance will kick off at 1pm EST and run until at least 11:00 pm. All ages! Free to the public! Find the complete lineup below.


Tune in

Turn on!

Stay home!



1:00 pm EST – Nato Coles

1:30 pm EST - Dusk

2:00 pm EST – Izzy True

2:30 pm EST – La Neve

3:00 pm EST – Painted Zeros

3:30 pm EST – Paisley Fields

4:00 pm EST – Teenage Halloween

4:30 pm EST – Fat Tony

5:00 pm EST – Lee Bains III

5:30 pm EST – Jeffrey Lewis

6:00 pm EST – Evan Greer

6:30 pm EST – Amy Klein

7:00 pm EST – Downtown Boys

7:30 pm EST - Noun

8:00 pm EST – Bad Moves

8:30 pm EST – She/Her/Hers

9:00 pm EST - Mikey Erg

9:30 pm EST - DJ Haram of 700 Bliss

10:00 PM EST – Erica Freas

10:30 PM EST - Worriers

11:00 PM EST- Sammus