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Painted Zeros New Single "I Will Try" Out Now, When You Found Forever LP out 5/29 on Don Giovanni
Posted on May 27th, 2020

This Friday, May 29 Don Giovanni Records will release When You Found Forever, the second full-length by Painted Zeros. Today, you can hear the new single, "I Will Try."

"I Will Try" is the album's third single and is more upbeat and poppier than the previous released tracks, despite its introspective subject matter. The vocal hooks are belted, not whispered, and the song ends with intricately finger-tapped guitar lead melodies, Lau herself calling the song a "weirdo anthem".

When You Found Forever documents a turning point for Lau both artistically and personally. It’s the first album she’s released since becoming sober three years ago. Regarding the lyrical content of "I Will Try," Lau states that she "wrote this song channeling the feeling of gratitude I have for what really feels like getting a second chance at life thanks to getting sober, and getting on the other side of a difficult time onto a path of emotional/mental health in general. Now, every day I wake, I'm just trying to do the right thing, live an honest, useful life, and trying to help others however I can. When I was still drinking and using, life had become so dark and miserable, and now, being in recovery for three years, my life has changed beyond recognition; it's better than I ever could have imagined it could be."

The song is available on all streaming platforms now, and shareable link is here.

Album pre-order here: