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  • Catalog #: DG-86
  • Release Date: February 10, 2015

Brooklyn, New York’s Nuclear Santa Claust returns with their second LP on Don Giovanni Records, featuring ten tracks of blistering four-to-the-floor punk and occasional bursts of scuzzy power-pop infused garage. Maintaining the same energy as their s/t 7”, Order of the New Age LP, and 2014’s split 7” with Canada’s finest, The McRackins, Je Ne Sais Claust finds the trio blending ‘80s American hardcore, Ramones-fueled buzz saw guitars, Spits-influenced sing-alongs, and Cleveland punk intensity into a sound all their own. Chock full of dejection, paranoia, and apocalyptic daydreams, they offer up twenty-three minutes of 45RPM insanity.

Since their 2013 LP, Nuclear Santa Claust has played throughout the East Coast and Midwest with bands including DG label mates Screaming Females, Vacation, Worriers, and Tenement; NYC and Jersey punks Night Birds, Pampers, Foster Care, and Iron Chic; British bands The Flex and Violent Reaction; and classic hardcore bands Negative Approach, Zero Boys, DOA, and Murphy’s Law.

1. Useless
2. Boots In The Sand
3. Castle Bravo
4. Sayonara Baby
5. Dark Days
6. Five Dollar Tarot Card 02:28 7. Violent Dreams
8. Singularity
9. Modern Problems
10. Sent To Kill (My Tokyo Rose)