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  • Catalog #: FSR008
  • Release Date: March 20, 2009

"I realize the delusion of such a thing, but I still do it. Whenever I drive down to San Pedro, I really hope for a statue of The Minutemen to greet me as the 110 turns into Gaffey. The times I’ve been to New Jersey, I half-expected Ergs! songs playing over the train terminal’s loud speakers, to have the guys’ disembodied heads on taxi ads, claiming “Welcome to the GardenState!” It’s just because the music, to me, is rooted in that sense of place, that it’s wishful thinking that people in their own hometown would realize feats of true musical heroism. But I’m a realist, and the only monuments likely to built for the Ergs! will be these little vinyl disks, which hold up much better in the long run than the smaller shiny disk format this EP was originally released on several years back. The Ergs! are dead; just reconfirmed with Mikey when I saw Psyched To Die. Long live the Ergs!"

–Razorcake (Todd)

Distributed from Freedom School Records.

1. Ben Kweller
2. A Million Perfect Days
3. Ashley Sugarnotch
4. When You're Squeeze
5. Pool Pass
6. Obligatory Song About Killing One's Boyfriend (Or Girl, What If I Killed Your New Dead Boyfriend)
7. NAMBLA Grey Area
8. I'll Call You When You Think Of Me