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  • Catalog #: DG-162
  • Release Date: June 5, 2018

'Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz' is the outcome of a long distance correspondence between Netherlands based musician Nick Jongen and Berlin based illustrator / comic artist Tine Fetz.
“What started as the loose concept of “Tine draws, then Nick records” turned into an artistic and personal dialogue that neither of us saw coming. It took two intense months to shape this project, sharing secrets and getting closer along the way. Drawing and recording every free minute we had, ‘Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz’ became the narrative of our fever dream.”

All illustrations were made by Tine in Berlin, Germany and Pafos, Cyprus. All audio was recorded and mixed in Nick’s bedroom in Maastricht, Netherlands, except for the field recording on ‘At The Movies’, which was made at Rockaway Beach, NY, USA. Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden studio in San Francisco, USA.

This project will be released as a gatefold lp & 40 page riso printed zine. The lp holds all the home recordings & the zine contains all illustrations and lyrics.

Nick is also in bands Sleep Kit, Baby Galaxy, and I Am Oak. This is the first release as Ghost Bag. Tine published a book called ‘This Is Not Uganda’ (Jaja Verlag) and has a weekly cartoon in German newspaper Jungle World.

1. New Heart
2. It's Loud It Is the Season's call
3. At The Movie
4. Exile
5. Portal
6. Atlas Fucked
7. Friendly Ghost
8. All The World Is Free
9. The Warmth
10. Another Year Gone
11. Closing Time

All songs are written & recorded by Ghost Bag & Tine Fetz.