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  • Catalog #: RTR026
  • Release Date: April 29, 2016

HOT TEARS delivered an achingly powerful two song masterpiece with the STRONGER LADY 7". "Stronger Lady" and "Like Sand" capture Molly Fischer's songwriting at her best. Catchy, pressing, heartbreaking and heart-rebuilding in one syncopated moment.

1. Like Sand
2. Stronger Lady
These songs were recorded by Matt Buscher in January of 2016 at Neandrahall Studio in Olympia WA
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Buscher

Hot Tears is Molly Fischer on guitar, bells, and vocals & Erica Freas on cello

Like Sand features Takiaya Reed on soprano sax

Like Sand written by Molly Fischer
Stronger Lady written by Molly Fischer and Kiran Nigam

Cover photos by Monica Dominguez