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  • Catalog #: RTR024
  • Release Date: May 7, 2016

Get on this wave length : Julie, Eric (ex FAT BEAVER) and Franck are BITPART and "Beyond What's Left" was their 2016 brilliant full length release. Simple, catchy punk rock. What more? Great dual vocal melodies and irresistible single string guitar solos. Super relatable lyrics. Very awesome.

1. Where The Heart Is
2. Real And Close, Out Of Mind
3. Girls
4. I'll Never Get It (Whatever)
5. Easy To Pretend
6. Let Me Explain
7. Drifting Away
8. Done With Here
9. Tiny Box
10. Your Stupidest Fantasy
11. Pattern
12. I Don't Want To Fuck People Over
13. Friend

Bitpart is Julie (bass/vocals), Éric (guitar/vocals) and Franck (drums/vocals).

All songs written by Bitpart in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Recorded in November 2015 by Nicolas Bazire at Swan Sound Studio (France).
Mixed and mastered in December 2015 by Guillaume Doussaud.

Photos by Julie (front cover and polaroids) and Éric (back cover and polaroids). Hand-lettering and layout by Éric.