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  • Catalog #: RTR016
  • Release Date: November 29, 2012

Let yer fuckin heart out. This was the first full length by Erica Freas (RVIVR). Featuring her acoustic guitar with a little cello here and there. Some locals on backup vocals. A few RVIVR songs. Pretty. Achy.

1. Song for a Mermaid
2. Bear Teeth
3. Paper Thin
4. Spider Song
5. Gramma
6. Rain Spell
7. Demon
8. The Sound
9. Swimming
10. Belly

All songs written and played by Erica Freas (guitar, voice, cello).
Gramma adapted from the RVIVR version
Most songs tracked by Alanna Paoli at the Beer Store in late Winter 2012.
The Joester (Left Field Studios) tracked "The Sound" & "Belly" as well as saved the day by mixing and mastering everything at PUNKALL in the late Summer of the same damn year. All of this happened in Olympia, WA USA.
Extra voices - Kendra Kamilche Freas (Bear Teeth), Meg Martin, Tanner, Kevin (Swimming)