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  • Catalog #: DG-193
  • Release Date: 9/20/19

"Kill The Boy Band" is She/Her/Hers first full band release after years of performing as a solo acoustic act. The title track, a re-recording and reimagining of a song off 2018's "grrrl angst", is a scathing critique of the male dominated punk scene. "I wrote this song at a time when I was trying to break into the music scene in a new city and struggling to find a community of bands, venues, and promoters who weren't all straight, white men. I wanted to cultivate a scene that focuses on diversity and social justice issues rather than the thinly-veiled mysogynistic songs about exes that I was hearing at every show."
"The Spaces In-between" is a song about coping with the anxiety, depression, and alienation of life under late-stage capitalism and climate crisis. "Everyone I know feels this sense of powerlessness, in our jobs, our communities, and our political systems. This will be the first track in an album I've been writing for a few years about climate change and depression."

"The EP is finished off with a Rilo Kiley cover. This song speaks to many of the themes I've been fixating on and writing about and ever since I discovered this album on tour last year it has become one of my staples."

1. Kill The Boy Band
2. The Spaces In-Between
3. The Execution Of All Things