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  • Catalog #: DG-04, DG-06
  • Release Date: June 6, 2004

Snakebite were one of the first bands on the label. Joe had known drummer Brian Gorsegner since early high school when Brian sang for The Survivors and was part of Team NARC, a group of kids who booked some of the best punk and hardcore shows in New Jersey. Snakebite’s bass player Jeff Desantis was a little older than Joe and used to give him rides to those shows before Joe could drive. Ian Thompsen (vocals) and Coastman (drums) had been in other bands before, but Joe hadn’t known them directly until Snakebite. We still have no idea why Brian asked us to help with the first Snakebite 7” in 2004, since, at the time, we were basically two huge idiots that had no clue as to what we were doing. Somehow we pulled it off though and got the 7” out, Joe got the band on TLC’s A Makeover Story, and we managed to go on to work with Brian, Ian, Jeff, and Coastman in many future bands (For Science, Full of Fancy, Pregnant, etc.). Shape Shifter came after Snakebite, with a similar lineup except for bass—Evan Kiel, who played in Forward to Death and was later in Full of Fancy—and the addition of a second guitar player, Kevin Manion. Jared Jones (Dustheads and Byrds of Paradise) also played bass for one show with them, but that’s not really important.

1. Every Bad Idea Is A Good Idea 2. Lyle Lanley Owns the U$A 3. Fucking Liars 4. Cream Of The Crop 5. Fuckin' A 6. Feel The Buzz 7. Joe Brookdale 8. Ah, Fuckit