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  • Release Date: March 7, 2023

“Scottsboro” is a song that has been workshopped for over a decade in Kym Register’s bands Midtown Dickens, Loamlands and is finally ready for release by Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo. It was written after reading about The Scottsboro 9's racist arrest in 1930's Alabama and the history of Communist organizing / involvement in workers rights and uprisings in the southeastern US. This song and their music is highly informed by what Glenda Gilmore calls “The Radical Roots of Civil Rights” in her book Defying Dixie. The journey of its creation and release mirrors Meltdown Rodeo’s own journey in searching out suppressed historical truths and having vulnerable conversations both lyrically and musically with the people they're in creative relationship with. Besides the Meltdown crew it features Rissi Palmer (musician and host / curator of Color Me Country Radio), Kamara Thomas (musician and director of Country Soul Songbook), Phil Cook (musician and curator of Spiritual Helpline Records), Saman Khoujinian (musician and curator of Sleepy Cat Records) and Brevan Hampden (musician and professor at NCCU). They are so proud of the work that they have done together and are so glad to share it with you.