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  • Catalog #: DG-57
  • Release Date: June 01, 2012

Plastic Cross is made up of veteran “hub city” punks out of New Brunswick, NJ. This hardcore punk record carves out elements of several punk sub-genres, giving it a unique and original sound. The sleeve artwork on the front cover paints a picture of a strange character trying to escape a dystopian nightmare. This is all captured in a self proclaimed new genre in punk rock the band calls “social-science-fiction”. Although, it’s not all sci-fi concepts on here; this record also touches on some very personal human elements as well as “real world” social commentary and observation. The combination of narrative driven with personal lyrics makes this a well rounded record that adds a contrast of serious desperation followed up by a tongue in cheek sense of humor.

Plastic Cross is ex-members of Kamikaze, Fanshen, The Degenerics, The Scarlet Letter, The Measure [SA], Down in Flames, and Nodzzz. If you took all of these old bands and threw them in a blender, you would get what this record sounds like. Fast, sometimes poppy and there are even a few harmonies that can be heard here and there but it’s not enough to make this album anything less than fierce.

1. Paternus Chemical
2. Plastic Hearts
3. Grown Up Liars
4. Future Science
5. Pet Rocks
6. Wrong
7. No Longer Alive
8. Consumer Existence
9. Dead Can't Dance
10. Totalitarian Eclipse Of The Heart
11. Breaking Freedom
12. Raining Hope
13. Godless
14. Philosophy Student Action Figure
15. Boss Hog
16. First World Problems
17. When They Land...
18. Som Life
Recorded by Brian "Buckets" Buccellato at Chumbuckets
Mastered by Max at Clearcut

Artwork and layout by Craig Fu Yong