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Dead Best debut album out December 10th!
Posted on November 15th, 2021

Excited to announce the debut album from Dead Best, the new band from longtime friends Adam Goren (Atom and His Package, Armalite, Fracture) and Brian Sokol (Am/Fm, Franklin)!


Living next to each other throughout the pandemic, Goren and Sokel's neighborly interactions led the two to try writing music together, just to see what it would sound like. One song quickly became three, and soon they were recording what would come to be the self titled debut release from Dead Best. Dead Best takes the raw pandemic expressions of two punk veterans and refines them into a ripping 13 tracks. Exhuming deep anxieties through pummeling guitars and frantic, distorted vocals, the LP is a brief but clear profile of Goren and Sokel’s combined creative voice

Sharing their first single, "Life Love and Liberty", Dead Best announced their debut self titled LP, out December 10th on Don Giovanni Records. Simple punchy drums cue in the LP's opening track, inciting a barrage of aggressive guitar work and heavily distorted vocals. Capturing the duo’s explosive sound in under a minute and a half, Life, Love and Liberty is an introduction to the fast paced world of Dead Best.


Keith Secola - Portals OUT NOW!
Posted on November 13th, 2021

We are excited to share the first album in 9 years from Keith Secola. “Portals” is an exploration of the natural world, streaming now everywhere.


Portals is an ambience album at the intersection of blended sounds. Earth, native flute, guitars, bass, drums, and percussion were used to record the music on this album. Portal is a connection to the other side. A bridge you can cross only if you promise not to look down. Notes are shaped into waves, conjugations of sound. Cosmic music echos, coaxing pitch, dragging stars, rhythm of the angels. Take a ride while guitars cling to form. Songs of the moon relax your mind, soul journey through Belt of the Pleiades, portal of birth. What is the key of the waters, night creatures, spin of the Earth? What do the birds sing? Uncertainties certain to be known interspecies communication will teach us this knowledge. Through the portal of understanding is a rite of togetherness. I will hold what you give me in the highest honor; this is the meaning of thank you, miigwech


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