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  • Catalog #: DG-225
  • Release Date:

laiii 222 rest ooo : blx ancestral sonix salves is medicine made for this moment Black grief-stricken, pandemic-ridden isolation. It triangulates three points that ground me in the healing depths of Black sound by honoring my Yoruba, my Sotho-Tswana and my blx African ancestors in America. laiii 222 rest ooo excavates, celebrates, and reverberates three essential truths:

1) blx sonix healIN be an ancestral rite...

2) to pass thr(u) the grief of capture uuu must BE guided, uuu must BE moved, uuu must BE provoked...

3) blx sound revives spirit: blx sound moves, blx sound guides, blx sound provokes...

This ep is ancestral blx medicine meant to move, guide and provoke blx breath. It is in the school of sista docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Sangodare’s, “Black feminist breathing chorus” -- it is a breath re-alignment tool.
so as uuu listen...

BE ooo in ur breaths ooo...BE ooo in ur cries...BE ooo in ur gasps...BE ooo in ur sites/sights/cites...BE ooo in ur shrieks ooo...BE ooo in ur gusts of pleasureFILLED release ooo...uuu deserve ease blx folx.
we deserve ease ooo...
Omọlólù Refilwe Bàbàtùndé is an educator, african surrealist documentarian, digital griot and blx ecstatix performance artist. A diasporic daughter of blx Southern migration she is in constant practice, reverence and searching for blx sound in all it’s haptic, visual, sonic, strategic, mobile, logical mutations. Using image, video, prose and sound she attempts to stun whiteness and create a divine glimmer of blx relief, a brief moment of sanctuary for folx to come home into. She believes that she is here as a grief worker using convoluted artistic gestures as a way to contract folks out into the wild, into the woods to be in a sacred space of blx revival together.

1. bluuu BE uuu ooo
2. tr(u)l(iii)