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  • Release Date: December 18, 2019

"I've made an album that, by definition, will only be fully enjoyed by people in New Jersey. There are a handful of tracks that anyone anywhere will find funny, but a solid 50% of this album will be unfunny to people unfamiliar with Jersey, and may actually not make sense. There are certain jokes about specific landmarks or directions or behaviors that will sound like utter gibberish to people not from my home state.

Most of this material was recorded the first time I ever said it out loud into a microphone. It was impossible to practice any of this before recording, since the only context where it makes sense is at a taping specifically for all-Jersey material. You can't go up at a club and workshop your bit about the Evil Clown of Middletown, you know? There were only three tracks that I was able to practice before recording: Medieval Times, Great Adventure, and New Jersey Discrimination. Outside of that, all of it was Hail Mary passes the night of the taping.

We also have a hunch that this is the last comedy album that will come out this decade, which is neither here nor there but sounds like a pretty cool thing to say. "
- Chris Gethard

1. It's Taylor Ham 2. Great Adventure 3. A New Jersey Monday Morning Conversation 4. Directions In New Jersey 5. New Jersey Diners 6. Do Not Correct People From New Jersey 7. Bayonne 8. North Jersey Versus South Jersey 9. Everyone In New Jersey Is A Little Bit Italian 10. Where In New Jersey Are You From? 11. Medieval Times 12. They Should Thank God For New Jersey 13. New Jersey Discrimination 14. God Bless New Jersey (Outro)