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  • Catalog #: DG-194
  • Release Date: 5/22

Roadside Graves have carved out a small and strange piece of musical territory over the course of their nearly twenty years together. Their sound emerges as much from their longstanding friendships and personality quirks as it does from their eclectic musical influences. That's Why We're Running Away was engineered and mixed in Brooklyn, NY by Robert Lombardo and mastered at Strange Weather by Daniel Schlett. On this new record, the group has created a cycle of songs about acceptance – the struggle to accept defeat and loss, and whether to give up peacefully. It's about finding comfort in seeing the reality of a situation and reckoning honestly with your own part in it. If the question is acceptance, one answer then is to run away – not alone, but together. This a record about living in the tiny space between "I want to leave" and "I want to believe

1. Sit So Close
2. The Cutter
3. I Cried
4. There Was A Way
5. The Sea Is Empty
6. Hotel Lights
7. I Wasted My Life
8. Dead Kids
9. Soldiers
10. Let's Get Lost
11. We Have Loved

That’s Why We’re Running Away was recorded and mixed by Rob Lombardo in Brooklyn, NY with backing vocals recorded by Derril Sellers in South Bound Brook, NJ. The album was mastered by Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather.
Songs written by Roadside Graves.
Colin Ryan: drums, percussion, vibraphone
Dave Jones: bass
Jeremy Benson: guitars, violin, harmonium, keys
John Gleason: vocals
John Piatkowski: electric piano, organ, synths
Guest vocals by Renee Maskin and Dana Sellers