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  • Catalog #: DG-231.5
  • Release Date: 1993

The Potatomen were originally meant to be a Hank Williams cover band called The Hanks, but this concept went out the window once we started writing our own songs. And because we couldn’t practice in my room without the neighbors complaining (“Turn it down!” “We can’t, we’re playing acoustic!”), we began practicing on the street in a deserted part of West Berkeley, near the legendary Gilman Street Project. When we thought we were good enough, we took our act to the sidewalk out front of Gilman, and eventually inside, but never on stage. Our primary inspiration was Arcata’s Brent’s TV, who took a similar approach, playing impromptu shows in parking lots, laundromats, and back yards, so it seemed only fitting to journey to Arcata, where Brent’s TV guitarist (and philosopher, artist, and computer dude) Chris Imlay recorded our first demo tape at the Couch House in Couch-O-Phonic stereo.

1. Davey (demo)
2. Aaron Went Shopping (demo)
3. Punk Rock Boy (demo)
4. Sam's Song (My Old Town) (demo)
5. Empty Inside (demo)
6. BART Train (demo)
7. Drown In My Beer (demo)