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  • Catalog #: DG-231
  • Release Date: August 31, 2020

When the Potatomen seemed to have reached the end of the road somewhere around the turn of the century, one of our biggest regrets that our song “Toytown” had never made it onto a record. It was supposed to be on the Iceland LP, but intra-band politics scuppered that. In 2001 we did a demo version of it, as well as a couple of other new-ish songs, and two oldies that had never been released on a full-length. The idea was that we were getting ready to make a new album, but it never happened. Fast forward 19 years, and in the course of preparing to release the five-song demo on Don Giovanni, we found several more songs, some of which had only appeared on limited-run compilations, along with an early demo of “All My Yesterdays,” and a never-before-released cover of Morrissey’s “Every Day Is Like Sunday.”

1. Toytown (2001 Demo)
2. I Fell In Love (2001 Demo)
3. The Beautiful and Damned (2001 Demo)
4. Ontario (2001 Demo)
5. The Loneliest Boy In The World (2001 Demo)
6. Empty Inside
7. All My Yesterdays
8. Trinidad
9. Every Day Is Like Sunday
10. Debra Jean