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  • Catalog #: DG-277
  • Release Date: November 18, 2022

After being discharged from the Air Force in the late 60s, Mose McCormack hitchhiked to the West Coast and ended up in San Francisco with his guitar and dreams of music success. He lived the streets and met stars, turned heads and was challenged by great setbacks. Many stories he can tell! He walked into John Wagner Recording Studios, Albuquerque, and paid a deposit to record a demo tape to send to Alan Livingston of Capital Records fame. It didn’t work out and he formed a bond with Producer John Wagner that is still strong after all these years! Mose is one of a kind and walks the line between Country and crazed Rock and Roll. He is a New Mexico Treasure and his Don Giovanni Records premiere will leave you wanting more and more of Mose McCormack!

1. Angel Of Mercy
2. Battle Of Love
3. Broke Broom Blues
4. Hillbilly Town
5. Native Son
6. Never Will Be
7. Santa Fe Trail
8. Sonora
9. When Angel Flies
10. Why Do I Treat My Baby So Mean?

Recorded at John Wagner Recording Studios, Inc.
Produced by John Wagner
Engineers - John Wagner, Dick Orr
Mastering - John Wagner, Dick Orr